Ae Game Golf – Driving Digital Innovation on the Fairway

Ae Game Golf – Driving Digital Innovation on the Fairway

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Interactive golfing experience designed by Studio FLACH for Ae Game Golf, featuring advanced indoor golf training and practice facilities.

Project Overview

Ae Game Golf stands as a beacon of innovation in the traditionally tranquil world of golf. 

With their indoor golfing facility that offers lessons, practice, and play, they sought to transform their digital presence to match their forward-thinking approach to the sport. 

The challenge? An outdated, non-responsive website that failed to inspire trust or accommodate their venture into a broader market inclusive of savvy Instagram users. 

They needed a new digital clubhouse where visitors could not just visit but feel invited to stay, engage, and return.

Ae Game Golf mood board with a collection of images showcasing Studio FLACH golf design concepts and interactive golf experiences.

Client's Brief

Ae Game Golf approached Studio FLACH with clear objectives: a digital renaissance that communicates trustworthiness, engages with the dynamic marketing landscape, and delivers a steady stream of compelling design assets for their burgeoning brand.

Responsive web design preview for Ae Game Golf by Studio FLACH, showcasing golf training platform on desktop, tablet, and mobile views.

Our Strategic Approach

We embarked on this journey by crafting a mood board that would act as our North Star.

Unafraid to break the mold, we chose a color palette of purple and green - colors that veer away from the typical golfing narrative and signal Ae Game Golf's innovative spirit.

The rebranding kicked off with a meticulous wireframing of the website. The design language spoke of modernity and ease, and the development phase was marked by precision and a pursuit of excellence.

Following Ae’s personality (as you can see from his amazingly cool Instagram videos), all branding visuals are guided by a ‘relaxed’ tone, from font choices to layout compositions.

Our selection of Webflow for its robust, flexible platform and Mindbody for seamless payments and bookings embodied our commitment to seamless integration and user empowerment.

Cross-device web experience for Ae Game Golf, featuring golf lessons and simulator booking options, designed by Studio FLACH


Our offerings were multifaceted: a refreshed brand, a dynamic website, and a suite of marketing materials that narrated Ae Game Golf's story in every hue and line.

From the vibrant greens of the fairways to the royal purples of luxury, every design asset we created was a testament to Ae Game Golf's unique identity.

Mobile view of Ae Game Golf website featuring lesson booking and golf simulator packages, crafted by Studio FLACH.

Visual Transformation

The new website, donned in its unconventional colors, was not just a sight to behold but a gateway to an enhanced user experience.

The intuitive navigation, the striking visuals, and the clear calls-to-action on every page guided users on a journey that was both enjoyable and easy to traverse.

Ae Game Golf branding assets including logos and golf-themed icons designed by Studio FLACH.

Impact and Growth

Post-launch, Ae Game Golf's digital footprint expanded as significantly as their fairways. 

Visitor engagement soared, page visit durations increased, and the once sluggish SEO rankings ascended as swiftly as a well-struck drive.

The tangible results were clear: more visitors, longer engagement, better rankings, and an uptick in clientele.

Ae Game Golf promotional material featuring August sale for golf lessons and training services, designed by Studio FLACH for Instagram and print flyers.

Client Applause

Ae Cahill, Ae Game Golf: “My name is Ae Cahill and I just started my own teaching business called Ae Game Golf in 2022. I really wanted to brand myself in a unique way and luckily met Lucas through a friend. Without Lucas and Stephanie skills and passion for what he does, website design and much more, I wouldn’t be this successful. The website they created was so much better than mine that I made up through Wix. The most impressive part was how the color scheme and uniqueness to other websites blew the other competitors out of the ball park. Purple is my favorite color and they definitely didn’t disappoint! Beyond the design and color, the tools used to make navigation a breeze is out of this world. Makes it simple for others that’s not good with computers easy to use! As for any updates Ae Game Golf needed, Lucas would go ahead and change it to my liking to improve my indoor golf business. Let’s not forget, they also make great fliers, Instagram posts and communicate very well and listen to what clients would like to make their dreams come true. I highly recommend Studio FLACH for anything you need for website design and fliers! Thank you for all you did!”
Rohan Fernandes, Ae Game Golf: “Lucas and Stephanie from Studio FLACH have been great resources to work along with on getting Ae Game Golf up and running from our website launch, to creating promotions videos and posts on instagram, creation of flyers , creating a very cool and professional marketing email campaign and the list goes on and on.   Lucas really is the glue that makes it all very seamless with out of the box thinking. We at Ae Game Golf are thrilled to be working with Lucas and the team, we wanted something cool and different and he delivered on his promise.”

Our Value

At Studio FLACH, we believe in creating digital experiences that resonate and represent. 

Our collaboration with Ae Game Golf is a testament to our philosophy: design with distinction, develop with diligence, and deliver with dynamism.

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